Emerald Knights

Simon Magus wake up bound in some sort of alien scifi style medical room. He remembers a cute woman, blond, long hair, and feeling the need to go back to her place with her. He finds medical restraints secure him on neck, arms, torso and legs. An exotic, masculine voice in his head, Maz, offers a deal. He will help him use his powers, providing Simon trusts him. When he fails to break out of the bonds, he agrees to the offer.

Ben Wilson finds himself in a similar situation, with his last memories being him driving home from Brown Mountain, where his crew was gathering the parts of his battle suit. A bright light, blackness then waking up in this facility. He finds that he has been implanted with a new suit, this one seemingly attached to his body. (DM note: yes is is removable.) He manages to navigate the alien UI using his superior technical abilities and is able to get out of his restraints.

Simon slips his bonds =and leaves his room after a quick investigation turning up nothing of interest. There he finds his old friend Ben, but this time in an alien battle suit. Investigating the complex, the two find and rescue Alexis, and then together they fight many robot guards, and a coupe of alien beasts. A mysterious female shows up, fires ineffectively at Ben, tosses a flash bang grenade and them leaves.

After an intense battle, our heroes emerge victorious, along with a cache of data and their medical records (though the precise details of the experiments are missing). They hightail it out of Oz, and grab a quick bite in Boone, using a car found in the amusement park’s parking lot.

Upon leaving the restaurant, they are greeted by an explosion at the local bank, where Brutality is staging an armed robbery with several henchmen.


Nemsoli Nemsoli

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