Emerald Knights

Session 2: A team comes together

Scene 1 Brutality of Heroism
As Alexis Sterling, Ben Wilson, and Simon Magus exit the diner, where they hear a loud explosion coming from a nearby building. A loud boom is heard from a near by building and a large circular bank vault door lands in front of the team. Several men run out of the building, carrying garbage bags of cash and AK-47s. A large redheaded man wearing blue wrestling trunks with a large B on the chest. At 12’ tall, he strikes an impressive image, and makes his own entrance into and out of the bank. Brutality, they remember, is known for being strong and tough, but not too bright. “What is he doing here?” Ben says.

Meanwhile, Sil Smith sits by himself eating a fine breakfast of bacon and eggs when there was a large crash outside. He hears a scream from one of the waitresses as a full pot of coffee crashes onto his plate of food and shatters, spaying him with eggs and coffee. Sil was quick to his feet and made his way to the back door, which someone else had conveniently fled from.

Meanwhile Faust sees the big lug and realizes he is up to no good. Not wanting to be involved directly he concentrates and attempts to take control of the mind of Brutus, but Brutus seems too dense to control. It’s a good thing the car is alright, Faust thinks when the vault door tips over, smashing the rear end of their borrowed Audi. The gunmen decide to make haste and head for the car, seemingly regretting teaming up with a “Freak”. Chromium not willing to set an opportunity pass, takes a more direct route and hurls the heavy door like a discus at Brutal, where he barely notices the impact, despite a huge new dent in the door. Ben has been distracted by the breakfast takeout but snaps out and armors up. The Iron Knight rockets to the sky, firing a beam of energy that hits Brutus, but seems as ineffective as the Vault door.

Sil summons shadows. Faust mind controls a robber. Brutus leaps over to Chromium with the door and slams it into her. Iron Knight rams into Brutality, and Chromium responds by forming a spike-fist and attempting a pile driver into Brutus. Her hand instead bends. Meanwhile the bank robbers spray the heroes, while one of them has been mind controlled and spays the others. Sil’s shadows meanwhile takeout the remaining two by reaching out and dragging them to the ground.

Sil rounds the corner and fires a beam of light from the rising sun at Brutality, finally damaging him and leaving him staggered. Faust attempts mind control again, this time Brutality shaking it off, but realizing someone was playing with his head. Iron knight fires a blast and Chrome try’s punching him again.

The battle ends when shadows, controlled secretly by Sil, reach up and drag Brutality to the ground, unconscious.

Chrome offers to take Faust with her as sirens are heard in the distance, but Iron Knight says he is calling a helicopter and so she jumps off. Sil follows Faust and Iron Knight back to the helicopter and the two ride off to Milidyne’s HQ.

Scene 2 To the Lab!
Sunday is spent in the lab, first examining Iron Knight. Secondly examining Faust. Finally a strange presence is detected manipulating light in the lab. At this point shadows come up from underneath the lab tables and form into a 25 year old male in a black hoodie and white jeans that introduces himself as Silhouette “Sil” Smith. He explains he gained his powers from a pool of black liquid in a cavern 7 years ago. After some discussions Ben and Simon invite them to join them to investigate his powers (and theirs) and see if they can do good.

Ben calls Alexis and leaves a voice mail for her, inviting her to Milidyne to consult on her “problem”.

Interlude 1a: Faust receives a Visitor
Faust ’s home was ran sacked while he was gone with every drawer emptied, picture and painting pulled from the wall, Even the hidden safe open.
He hears a knock at his door and sees a limo with a black female chauffeur (Vanessa) and a man with a cane wearing expensive clothes (Francesco “Frank” Nicolai). He introduces himself as a friend of his parents (worked him them in MI8). Delivers a package and inside is a sandalwood box containing two metal discs(look brand new). The magic in the disks are so strong that it gives Frank a headache. Writing on the discs is in ancient proto-egyptian hieroglyphics, but Simon is unable to make sense of it, and turns them over to Frank for research. Frank gives him his business card before he leaves.

Interlude 1b: Boardroom Brawl
Ben Wilson heads to a board meeting Monday morning at 9am. His admin askes if the board meeting was over early, from which Ben is able to determine that something foul is afoot. Someone has replaced him Ben enters the room to see his doppelgänger at the head of the table that accuses him of being an imposter. Ben responds that he is the original and that they both need to be tested.

Fake Wilson jumps and attacks the real Ben Wilson smashing the door. Ben forms a blaster on his hand and shoots the fake chairman/ceo. The fake punches Ben and dazes him. Ben shoots again. By this time, the board members are out of the room and the slugfest continues. Ben transforms and grabs the alien shapeshifter. The thing struggles to break free from the hold but is unable to.

About this time, Sil, playing at the new Xbox-1 notices the building shake, and wonders what is going on. Maybe someone will need help with the earthquake. He turns into a mist and float up through the buildings ductwork.

Ben tries to rocket away, but the beast holds his ground, transforming his feet into claws. This time he is able to shake off Ben’s hold, but Sil shows up and pulls the thing into his shadows. Ben and Sil attempt to question him and he replies “You will never stop us” before his body explodes into a fine mist.


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