Iron Knight

Benjamin Mitchell Wilson, CEO of Milidyne Corporation




Ben Wilson was a gifted young prodigy & freelance inventor that helped create weapon systems for the United States Defense Department, out of his profound sense of patriotism and justice. He adopted this powerful mindset at the age of 20, after both his parents were killed on 9/11. They were both in military intelligence and worked in the pentagon, where they perished. Growing up as a military brat, he was already patriotic. However, the burning need to see justice done was added to the mix, and both grew exponentially. When he was 30 he managed to parlay his genius into his own weapons manufacturing corporation called ‘Milidyne’, based in Charlotte, NC. 5 years later he was almost finished perfecting his masterpiece, a powerful powered armor battle suit that would change the face of modern warfare forever. He was working on it covertly in his private lab. He planned on unveiling it at a surprise press conference at the international arms expo at the Aberdeen proving grounds. As a child, Ben was a big comic’s fan, so he designed the suits look as a cross between Ironman and batman, an ode to his favorite heroes. He even named the project ‘iron knight’. The night before the expo demonstration he took the suit up for one last test flight. An hour into the flight the suits sensors picked up some strange intermittent readings. An object at 40,000" that appeared on radar to have a mile wide cross section. When he arrived at the location of the readings he found only a dense and highly localized thunderstorm. He went in to check it out. When he reached the center of the storm he finally saw it. It was a massive flat triangle shaped object, black and virtually seamless. It just hovered there making no noise what so ever. His suit began experiencing multiple system failures. He began feeling a strange electrical sensation all over his body. This was rapidly followed by severe disorientation, pain, nausea and lightheadedness. He managed to crash land in the Blue Ridge Mountains and call a broken arrow crash retrieval unit from his company before he lost consciousness. After that he has no memories, until he woke up in some kind of alien lab and found it, a small lump under his skin at the top of his spine, and his suit was gone.

Iron Knight

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