Simon Magus, Adventurer, occultist, and collector of rare antiquities.




Simon was born in Cairo during the late summer of 1970 to the young couple, James and Miranda Magus. His parents were British spies posing as archaeologists/professors from Cambridge University. As a young boy he traveled the world learning about other cultures. This along with the fact that his mother was a descendant of Aleister Crowley, the English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer, piqued his interest even more into history, the occult, and ancient artifacts. He would often join his parents on archaeology digs, not knowing what his parents were really up to.

When he was older and at the behest of his father, Simon joined the British Army Intelligence Corps. His time in the Corps was short, but he gained experience as a linguist and Human Intelligence Analyst. After the Corps, he continued his education at the University of Cambridge studying history, religion, archaeology, modern and medieval languages, Asian & Middle Eastern studies, and both Political and Behavioral sciences. There he met an American named Ben Wilson. Although they were on different paths intellectually, they became great friends.Their work kept them from seeing each other over the years, but would try to meet when they traveled to the same locales for business.

Ben had also introduced Simon to his future wife, Alison, and was the best man at their wedding. The marriage was short lived as Alison was killed in the 2003 British Consulate bombing in Istanbul, Turkey. This drove Simon to the edge of madness, and only with the help of his good friend Ben was he able to pull himself back together. They now both had lost people to the new form of terrorism plaguing the world. It is here that MI6 had re-approached Simon, hoping to lure him back into the intelligence world with the reward of revenge upon the people that murdered his wife. He agreed to be a freelance intelligence operative for a substantial stipend eventually working with multiple agencies and even doing some industrial espionage for his old friend, Ben.

Simon has recently learned that his parents were either killed or captured during a clandestine operation. Unable obtain any valid information and meeting a dead end at every path, Simon decided to make a deal with a dark entity to gain unlimited knowledge and power to find out what happened to his parents.


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